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  Muance is a European contemporary design brand with a unique focus on digitally designed wallpaper products, printed on exceptional materials. Our modern and luxury designer wallpaper collections offer a wide range of beautiful, colorful and elegant styles that can be adapted in most settings, with the additional potential to inspire the viewer’s gaze.
Interior design is constantly evolving, styles and ideas continually flow, and the need to think outside your comfort zone grows by the day.

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Muance Edition 1

Muance Edition 2

Muance Edition 3

Muance Edition 4

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Custom Size Murals with Painted Effect and Texture? Click on the image!

Painted Memories I

Painted Memories II

Windmill Avenue

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Couleurs II



My Kingdom


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BN – Riviera Maison III

Andriani e Rossi WALLPAPER VOL. 4

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Elitis Panoramic

Elitis HPC

Textile Wall Covering

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SIBU DESIGN is a leading producer of top quality design sheets for interiors, that have been specially developed for the interior design, furniture manufacture, shop concept, fashion, architectural and display areas. SIBU DESIGN  presents a wide product portfolio with more than 300 storing designs divided in 8 product groups which vary from leather surfaces, mirrors, flexible mosaic patterns and structured design sheets to perforated patterned sheets with 3D effect. 

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ZINTRA Acoustic Solutions

Zintra acoustic panels are the ideal choice for rooms that require sound insulation and at the same time a pleasant aesthetic effect. Zintra applications reduce the noise levels in the room with creating a more comfortable and pleasant environment communication between people. With a wide range of colors and easy installation, they are suitable applications on walls, ceilings and as well as for use as dividers.


* Excellent noise reduction performance
* Sluggish
* Suitable for many wall applications, ceiling, dividers
* Can be easily cut and covered any need
* Easy installation
* Many options in colors and applications
* Color is uniform throughout the material
* Digital printing capability
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