Wind 3d panel is a three-dimensional wall decoration material made of natural fiber. It is unique, elegant and its shape is shaped through purely natural techniques. The material is environmentally friendly and has the ability to absorb heat and sound. It is easy to install and can be painted in any color. An excellent choice for wall decoration.

Basic features:
* 3D design – elegant style Environmentally friendly – recyclable
* Made of fiber 100% biodegradable
* It has thermal and sound insulation capacity
* It can be painted, it is light and easy to install

Dimensions per panel: 500mm x 500mm

Fiber has high thermal and sound insulation capacity. No chemical adhesives are used to bond the fibers, but the natural substances of the plant from which they come. The building, with the use of such mattresses, has the ability to “breathe” like a living organism. Thus, unlike other building materials, they do not contain any toxic or carcinogenic substances and have zero emissions.

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