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Wide Style Range of Furniture and Accessories 

We always prepare intensively for the forthcoming seasons with advice from professional trend watchers. Our extensive assortment of 8000 articles includes a wide range of product categories e.g. furniture, decoration, lights, garden accessories, etc. All possible styles are represented, from classic, modern, vintage, industrial, and exotic to baroque.

Modern Furniture

You will find a selection of modern Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedroom Sets, including office rooms and some of our Exclusive Modern style furniture that cannot be found anywhere else. All sets are designed to create Classy and Elegant look.

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Objects collection NEW 2021

A journey into design, lamps, ceramics, paintings and wall objects, new proposals for the furniture of Adriani and Rossi. New wallpapers for a preview of the new Wallapaper VOL 4 catalogue.

Objects Collection Accessories 

Adriani & Rossi is the only company in the world that produces “Total Look”, or any material, glass, ceramics, wood, rugs, lamps, paintings, metal in the same style, all strictly “Made in Italy or Europe”, under the direct control of Adriani & Rossi. 

Atelier Collection Mix

The catalogue ATELIER is composed of the collection of lamps, ceramics, glass, paintings, rugs, and the new collection of furniture PASSEPARTOUT. A collection of metallic products and thick powder varnished. In the catalogue ATELIER we added the collection MISS MARY DESIGN. A unique and particular product.. 

Indoor Rugs and more



With over 50 years of experience in the field of building materials and decoration.The collection includes panels from Greek cane, bamboo, willow, branches, foliage, tissues of natural materials, handmade weaves, wallpapers lined with natural materials, imported from their countries of origin, in a wide variety of qualities and types. The materials are continuously enriched in new forms and types.

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Authentic Models 

The décor in our interior spaces tells the stories of our lives. Reflecting the memories we cherish, the pursuits we enjoy, our family history and all the things that interest or matter to us. With some pieces chosen for their tangible connection, others purely for their aesthetic appeal.

At Authentic Models, we combine the two through elegantly handcrafted furniture, objects and ornaments which capture the essence of an era or interest via meaningful and surprising design. Inspired by the adventurous spirit which led to many ingenious creations, our collections celebrate travel, exploration and endeavour. Treading in the footsteps of history while also exploring beyond the beaten track.

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